First Stone Ministries Effectiveness Survey Report





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Freedom Realized Report 8_5x11The Complete FSM Effectiveness Survey Report, with all the additional charts, graphs and the other 95% of comments, is finished. The release of the COMPLETE FSM Effectiveness Survey is being processed to be released as an eBook and PDF. Pre-Order on the First Stone Ministries Market. The Full Report will also be released at Redemption Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble after July 1st.

This full survey report is being published in eBook and PDF only.

The Complete First Stone Ministries (FSM) Survey Report was part of the Freedom Realized book. A passionate and convicting book that gives clear evidence that people, in fact, find lasting freedom from homosexuality and freedom from a life defined by "gay" identity fallacies. The FSM Survey was started because of false claims being made by Alan Chambers and other gay activists that no one really finds freedom from homosexuality. Stephen Black was the Chairman of the Ministry Council of Exodus International in 2012 which subsequently failed and closed up because it denied its own mission and purpose to bring full healing and restoration to those seeking a sexual identity defined by Christ alone. It was during this time Alan Chambers, President of Exodus International began abandoning the Exodus International mission. Chambers started communicating an ambiguous and deceptive message that no one's same-sex attractions change, and thus leaving people condemned to live a life defined by a gay identity. This was a dark time as Chambers completely contradicted the message of true hope in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Chambers’ proclamations repeated daily by gay activists, compelled Black to see that the true banner of hope was being raised elsewhere by then, the 36-year-old ministry of First Stone Ministries and by other ministries that later joined the Restored Hope Network.

The banner of hope was to give the Church and our nation the truth about change. Polled over a period of 13 months, respondents to The First Stone Ministries Survey from a 25-year period of ministry (1990-2015), provided evidence that First Stone has indeed produced the healing available through the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The results are, in fact, amazing! The survey revealed the exact opposite to Chambers' and his gay advocates false proclamations. The truth is, many people have found lasting freedom!

Here are of the brief facts from The Complete FSM Effectiveness Survey Report:

  • The overwhelming majority (80%) of the people who participated with First Stone Ministries in pastoral care and support group enjoyed being involved and gave hundreds of positive comments.

  • 66% to 88% participants, over 25 years of support group ministry, reported finding lasting freedom.

  • 96% of the total respondents of the FSM survey reported participated in Living Waters support groups.

  • 88% of those who participated in FSM support groups reported as very helpful.

  • 77% of all those who responded for one or more years of help struggled with same-sex attractions or homosexuality. 35% considered themselves homosexual.

  • 55% of respondents were sexually molested as children, and 61% of those molested struggled with same-sex attractions or considered themselves homosexual.

  • 62% of those who had received at least one year of ministry, considered themselves struggling with same-sex attraction. However, 84% of this group did not consider themselves gay after receiving ministry. 88% considered homosexual behavior as unacceptable to God.

  • After receiving at least one year of ministry in pastoral care and support groups, 92% of the respondents considered themselves Christians.

  • After receiving just one year of ministry in pastoral care and support groups 54% of the respondents considered themselves free from sexual sinning.

  • The final two concluding questions of the survey asked respondents to scale themselves on the state of the mind before and after coming to FSM for at least one year of ministry. Before coming to FSM, 92%-88% were sexually broken, considered themselves sexually addicted or little progress. After leaving FSM, most after a few years of ministry, 72%-73% considered themselves free from sexual sin and brokenness.

There is so much more to read in this report with hundreds of comments from participants experiences at FSM. This report conclusively reveals people find lasting freedom from homosexuality, same-sex attractions, and that people are living full lives free from labels.